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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: collectionDistribution vs SolrReplication
Date Thu, 15 Jan 2009 22:07:29 GMT

: I would like to know the advantages of moving from:
: a master-slave system using CollectionDistribution with all their .sh
: scripts
: to:
: use SolrReplication and his solrconfig.xml configuration.

in addition to other comments posted it's important to keep in mind that 
one of the original motivations for the new style of replication was to 
have a 100% java based solution, as a result, it's is the only 
replication approach that works on windows.

(in particular: it has no dependency on being able to delete hardlinks, or 
on running rsync, or on using ssh, or on having external crons, etc..)

I still haven't had a chance to really kick the tires on the java based 
replication, so i have no real experience to base either of these claims 
on, but my hunch is that:
  1) new users will find the java based replication *much* easier to get 
up an running (a lot less moving parts and external processes to deal 
  2) existing users who already have the script based replication working 
for them may find the java based replication less transparent and harder 
to maniplate in tricky ways.

...that second hunch comes from the fact that since the java replication 
is all self contained in solr, and doesn't use use all of hte various 
external processes (cron, rsync, snapshooter, snappuller, ssh, etc...) 
there are less places for people to manipulate the replication when doing 
atypical' operations ... for example: during a phased rollout of some new 
code/schema, you might disable all replication by shutting down the rsyncd 
port; then disabling it for a few slaves by commenting out the snappuller 
cron before turning rsyncd back on ... etc.

these types of tricks are probably unneccessary in 90% of the use cases, 
and people who aren't use to being able to do them probably won't care, 
but if you are use to having that level of control, you might miss them.

(but as i said: i haven't had a chance to try out the java replication at 
all, so for all i know it's just as tweakable and i'm just an idiot.)


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