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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Different ordering of result returned by solr for capital and small letters.
Date Sun, 04 Jan 2009 00:35:03 GMT
: returned by solr for capital and small letters. When I am searching for
: "cats" I am getting result. Next, when I am searching for "CATS" I am
: getting same result but the ordering of result is different as compare to
: previous one. Is there any issue with my indexing? OR Is there any priority
: for searching depending on capital and small letters in solr ?

no such priority is hardcoded .. but you can get weighting like that by 
searching both case sensity and case-insensitive fields in the same query 
(which is in your control using schema.xml, etc...)

: I want same result for both cases. What should I do?
:  Also, I already have "LowerCaseFactoryFilter" for both on query-time
: analyzer  and index in my config.

my best hunch is that you added LowerCaseFactoryFilter after indexing your 
documents, so some are already in the index with capitalized words ... 
either that are you aren't searching the fields you think you are (maybe 
some fields have LowerCaseFactoryFilter and some don't)

if you add debugQuery=true to your queries, and post some example score 
explanations from both queries ("cats", and "CATS") people might be 
able to help you further ... the most helpful thing is usually to see the 
explanation from both queries for the same doc ... pick the highest 
scoring doc from one query, and then use the explainOther param to get 
it's explanation on the second query (even if it's not on the first page 
of results)


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