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From Jeff Newburn <>
Subject Re: Changing to multicore
Date Wed, 28 Jan 2009 16:34:19 GMT
Tried that.  Basically, solr really didn't want to do the internal rewrite.
So essentially we would have to rewrite with a full redirect and then change
the solrj source to allow it to follow the redirect.  We are going with an
external rewriter.  However, the seemingly easiest way would be to just have
the system allow some default core when one is not specified.  If anyone has
a suggestion on where in the code to find this it or thoughts on why to not
have this in the system for conversions please let me know.

 1/28/09 8:28 AM, "Bryan Talbot" <> wrote:

> I would think that using a servlet filter to rewrite the URL should be
> pretty strait forward.  You could write your own or use a tool like
>   and just configure that.
> Using something like this, I think the upgrade procedure could be:
> - install rewrite filter to rewrite multi-core URL to non-multi-core
> URL for all solr instances.
> - upgrade app to use multi-core URL
> - upgrade solr instances to multi-core when convenient and remove
> rewrite filter
> -Bryan
> On Jan 28, 2009, at Jan 28, 7:17 AM, Jeff Newburn wrote:
>> We are moving from single core to multicore. We have a few servers
>> that we
>> want to migrate one at a time to ensure that each one functions.  This
>> process is proving  difficult as there is no default core to allow the
>> application to talk to the solr servers uniformly (ie without a core
>> name
>> during conversion).  Would it be possible to re-add the default core
>> as a
>> configuration setting in solr.xml to allow for a smoother
>> conversion?  Am I
>> missing a setting that would help with this process?
>> -Jeff

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