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From Walter Underwood <>
Subject Re: Performance "dead-zone" due to garbage collection
Date Wed, 21 Jan 2009 20:27:20 GMT
Have you tried different sizes for the nursery? It should be several
times larger than the per-request garbage.

Also, check your cache sizes. Objects evicted from the cache are
almost always tenured, so those will add to the time needed for
a full GC.

Guess who was tuning GC for a week or two in December ...


On 1/21/09 12:15 PM, "Feak, Todd" <> wrote:

> From a high level view, there is a certain amount of garbage collection
> that must occur. That garbage is generated per request, through a
> variety of means (buffers, request, response, cache expulsion). The only
> thing that JVM parameters can address is *when* that collection occurs.
> It can occur often in small chunks, or rarely in large chunks (or
> anywhere in between). If you are CPU bound (which it sounds like you may
> be), then you really have a decision to make. Do you want an overall
> drop in performance, as more time is spent garbage collecting, OR do you
> want spikes in garbage collection that are more rare, but have a
> stronger impact. Realistically it becomes a question of one or the
> other. You *must* pay the cost of garbage collection at some point in
> time.
> It is possible that increasing cache size will decrease overall garbage
> collection, as the churn caused by caused by cache misses creates
> additional garbage. Decreasing the churn could decrease garbage. BUT,
> this really depends on your cache hit rates. If they are pretty high
> (>90%) then it's probably not much of a factor. However, if you are in
> the 50%-60% range, larger caches may help you in a number of ways.
> -Todd Feak
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> From: wojtekpia []
> Sent: Wednesday, January 21, 2009 11:14 AM
> To:
> Subject: Re: Performance "dead-zone" due to garbage collection
> I'm using a recent version of Sun's JVM (6 update 7) and am using the
> concurrent generational collector. I've tried several other collectors,
> none
> seemed to help the situation.
> I've tried reducing my heap allocation. The search performance got worse
> as
> I reduced the heap. I didn't monitor the garbage collector in those
> tests,
> but I imagine that it would've gotten better. (As a side note, I do lots
> of
> faceting and sorting, I have 10M records in this index, with an
> approximate
> index file size of 10GB).
> This index is on a single machine, in a single Solr core. Would
> splitting it
> across multiple Solr cores on a single machine help? I'd like to find
> the
> limit of this machine before spreading the data to more machines.
> Thanks,
> Wojtek

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