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From "Mark Ferguson" <>
Subject Re: Dismax query parser with different field classes
Date Fri, 02 Jan 2009 22:39:22 GMT
Hi again,

I have a small problem with using a boost query, which is that I would like
documents found in the boost query to be returned even if the main query
does not include those results. So what I am effectively looking for is an
OR between the dismax query and the boost query, rather than a required main
query or'd with the boost query. Does anything currently exist which can
facilitate this?

For example, currently my parsed query looks something like this, where the
domain, page_title and body_text fields are part of the dismax query, and
user_id is part of the boost query:

+DisjunctionMaxQuery((domain:maps^4.0 page_title:map^2.0 |
body_text:map)~0.01) user_id:12^5.0

Whereas I would like it to look like this:

+(DisjunctionMaxQuery((domain:maps^4.0 page_title:map^2.0 |
body_text:map)~0.01 user_id:12^5.0)

This is because I want all documents with user_id:12 to be returned, even if
there are no keyword matches. I also want all documents with keyword matches
to be returned, even when the user_id doesn't match, so I can't just switch
the query and the boost query.

Any ideas? Thanks for your time.


On Fri, Jan 2, 2009 at 2:33 PM, Mark Ferguson <>wrote:

> Hello,
> It looks like a boost query will accomplish what I am looking for quite
> nicely.
> Mark
> On Wed, Dec 31, 2008 at 5:29 PM, Mark Ferguson <>wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I have a set of documents in which I have different classes of fields that
>> I would like to search separately. For example, I would like to search the
>> HTML body and title of a webpage using one set of keywords, and the page
>> author using another set. I cannot use the dismax parser for this problem
>> because all keywords will search across all the query fields. However, I
>> like the dismax query parser because it handles matching and scoring very
>> nicely.
>> I read one suggestion on this group which was to make one of the queries a
>> query filter. So for example, I may use the dismax query parser to search
>> the body and title of a webpage, then use a filter query for the author.
>> There are two problems with this approach in regards to what I need:
>>   1. The filter query does not affect scoring, but I need the scoring to
>> be influenced by the results of all fields being searched.
>>   2. A filter query will do a simple AND or OR filter, while I would need
>> the search to be an OR search with higher scoring for multiple matches
>> (related to the first problem).
>> I think what I need is a dismax parser into which the parsed query will
>> not just contain all keywords for all fields, but into which you can specify
>> which fields correspond to which sets of keywords. Has anything like this
>> been tackled before? If not, can someone help point me in the right
>> direction for how I would build this myself? Thanks very much for your time.
>> Regards,
>> Mark Ferguson

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