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From Rafał Kuć <>
Subject Re: Solr Replication: disk space consumed on slave much higher than on master
Date Wed, 21 Jan 2009 08:56:26 GMT

> Hi,

> I'm running Solr nightly build of 20.12.2008, with patch as discussed on
>, using Solr replication.

> On various systems running, I see that the disk space consumed on the slave
> is much higher than on the master. One example:
> - Master: 30 GB in 138 files
> - Slave: 152 GB in 3,941 files

> Can anybody tell me what to do to prevent this from happening, and how to
> clean up the slave? Also, there are quite some empty index.xxxxxxx
> directories sitting in the slaves data dir. Can these be safely removed?

> Thanks a lot in advance, bye,

> Jaco.

Slaves use much more disk space after some time because they keep snapshots
of the index you pull from the master. Look at the snapcleaner script,
you can use it to automatically clean data directory.

I hope that helps.

 Rafał Kuć

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