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From Matthias Epheser <>
Subject Re: Build Solr to run SolrJS
Date Sat, 22 Nov 2008 10:50:39 GMT
JCodina schrieb:
> Yesterday I got it running, I thouhght I had post it, but I should not push
> the post button.
> The problem I had to solve to run it with the Velocity was to copy by hand
> the 
> velocity jar files to /lib.

There is an ant task "example-init" in contrib/javascript/build.xml that should 
do this trick for you. It copies solr.war to example/webapps and all the 
contrib/velicity stuff to example/solr/lib.

I'm just about to post a patch to integrate a small set of testdata 
automatically to the example, so your're tweaking with the core testdata can be 
avoided. I will update the wiki as soon as this is commited. After that, only a 
checkout and

ant example-init
ant example-start
ant example-import

will create working examples for you.


> Erik Hatcher wrote:
>> I just got the client-side demo on trunk to work (with a few tweaks to  
>> make it work with the example core Solr data).
>> On trunk follow these steps:
>>    * root directory: ant example
>>    * separate console, index data: cd example/exampledocs; java -jar  
>> post.jar *.xml
>>    * open contrib/javascript/example/testClientside.html in your browser
>> The serverSide.html example is still not quite wired together properly  
>> to be an easy-to-run-demo, as what's on trunk doesn't include the  
>> reuters data and the velocity stuff is not wired in with it yet either.
>> We'll get this working better/cleaner as we go, so we appreciate your  
>> early adopter help ironing out this stuff.
>> 	Erik
>> On Nov 20, 2008, at 5:44 PM, JCodina wrote:
>>> I could not manage, yet to use it. :confused:
>>> My doubts are:
>>> - must I  download solr from svn - trunk?
>>> - then, must I apply the patches of solrjs and velocity and unzip  
>>> the files?
>>> or is this  already in trunk?
>>> because  trunk contains velocity and javascript in contrib.
>>>   but does not find the velocity
>>> - How do I edit/activate SolrJs to adapt it to my data, the wiki  
>>> page says
>>> how to deploy the sample, and I looked at the sample page from the  
>>> sample
>>> site, but I don't find how to manually install it on a tomcat server.
>>> PD. If I get how to do it, I promise I will introduce that  
>>> information in
>>> the solrjs wiki page  =) .
>>> Matthias Epheser wrote:
>>>> Erik Hatcher schrieb:
>>>>> On Nov 16, 2008, at 1:40 PM, Matthias Epheser wrote:
>>>>>>> Matthias and Ryan - let's get SolrJS integrated into
>>>>>>> contrib/velocity.  Any objections/reservations?
>>>>>> As SolrJS may be used without velocity at all (using eg.
>>>>>> ClientSideWidgets), is it possible to put it into "contrib/ 
>>>>>> javascript"
>>>>>> and create a "dependency" to contrib/velocity for  
>>>>>> ServerSideWidgets?
>>>>> Sure, contrib/javascript sounds perfect.
>>>>>> If that's ok, I'll have a look at the directory structure and the
>>>>>> current ant build.xml to make them fit into the common solr  
>>>>>> structure
>>>>>> and build.
>>>>> Awesome, thanks!
>>>> Just uploaded to
>>>> It
>>>> is intended to be extracted in contrib/javascript and supports the
>>>> following ant
>>>> targets:
>>>> * ant dist -> creates a single js file and a jar that holds velocity
>>>> templates.
>>>> * ant docs -> creates js docs. test in browser: doc/index.html
>>>> * ant example-init -> (depends ant dist on solr root) copies the  
>>>> current
>>>> built
>>>> of solr.war and solr-velocity.jar to example/testsolr/..
>>>> * ant example-start -> starts the testsolr server on port 8983
>>>> * ant example-import -> imports 3000 test data rows (requires a  
>>>> started
>>>> testserver)
>>>>>    Erik
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