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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Best way to prevent max warmers error
Date Tue, 21 Oct 2008 23:09:11 GMT
: Subject: Best way to prevent max warmers error

Slightly old thread, but i haven't seen any replies...

:      We have an application with more 2.5 million docs currently. It is 
: hosted on a single box with 8 GIG memory. The number of warmers 
: configured are 4 and Cold-searcher is allowed too. The application is 

the current example configs suggest 2 ... i can't honestly think of any 
good reason to have more then that.

There is a fairly fundemental trade off question here. the knobs
you can adjust are:
  a) how often new searchers are opened
  b) how much warming you wnat to do
  c) how powerful your hardware is

if you are getting overlapping searchers, you can either do less warming (and make 
the first users of those searchers pay an extra cost because of the empty 
caches) or you can open new searchers less frequently so that the warm 
time doesn't exceed the frequency, or you can throw hardware at the 
problem and try speed things up that way.

deciding between a, b, and c is't really a technical question so much as a 
business question.

FWIW: There may be a "d) make Solr more efficient" option, and by all 
means if you find that knob, please let the rest of us know where it is so 
we can all turn it :)


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