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From Mck <>
Subject Re: Replacing FAST functionality at
Date Mon, 08 Sep 2008 08:43:50 GMT
> I'm not very familiar with shingles but it seems to be that you should
> have ShingleFilter at index time and make the query as a phrase query?

Then the entry "abcd efgh ijkl" would be indexed as 
(abcd "abcd efgh" "abcd efgh ijkl" efgh "efgh ijkl" ijkl)

and a subsequent query "abcd" would return this entry.
If this is so then this is not exact matching and not what we are
looking for.

The filter behaviour we are looking for is like:
   (i've included ^$ to denote the exact matching)

Original Query   --> Filtered Query
 abcd            -->  ^abcd$
"abcd efgh"      --> (^abcd$ ^"abcd efgh"$ ^efgh$)
"abcd efgh ijkl" --> (^abcd$ ^"abcd efgh"$ ^"abcd efgh ijkl"$ ^efgh$ ^"efgh ijkl"$ ^ijkl$)


"All stable processes we shall predict. All unstable processes we shall
control." John von Neumann 
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