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From Nikhil Chhaochharia <>
Subject Re: CoreDescriptor explanation and possible bug
Date Thu, 28 Aug 2008 12:42:48 GMT
I went through the javadocs for the CoreContainer and CoreDescriptor classes (20th-Aug nightly,
the latest I could find).  The steps for creating a SolrCore now appear to be:  (Note for
the benefit of those who might stumble upon this through a websearch - this is not a HOWTO
but my best guess which may not be correct)

1.  CoreContainer.Initializer.setSolrConfigFilename("path/solrconfig.xml")
2.  cc = CoreContainer.Initializer.initialize()
3.  cd = new CoreDescriptor(cc, "core01", "path/solrHome/for/core01")
4.  SolrCore sc = cc.create(cd)

Is this correct?

To specify my problem in another way, I have a solrconfig.xml but no schema.xml.  I create
a IndexSchema object at runtime.  I want to now get a SolrCore object.


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From: Henrib <>
Sent: Thursday, 28 August, 2008 5:23:48 PM
Subject: Re: CoreDescriptor explanation and possible bug

It is likely to be related to how you initialize Solr & create your
SolrCore; there has been a few changes to ensure there is always a
CoreContainer created which (as its name stands), holds a reference to all
created SolrCore.
There is a CoreContainer.Initializer class that allows to easily create that
CoreContainer (even if you don't have a solr.xml).
Hope this helps,

Nikhil Chhaochharia wrote:
> Hi,
> I have been using nightly builds of Solr 1.3 with SolrJ for some time now. 
> I upgraded the Solr jars from the 14-Aug nightly and my program would not
> compile.  I found that SolrCore constructor needed a new parameter
> CoreDescriptor.  I passed null and it worked fine.
> I then upgraded to the Solr jars from the 20th-Aug nightly and it started
> throwing NullPointerExceptions.  My guess is that the addition of the
> method SolrCore.getStatistics() which has the line "lst.add("aliases",
> getCoreDescriptor().getCoreContainer().getCoreNames(this));" throws the
> NPE.
> I searched the wiki and there is no mention of CoreDescriptor there. 
> Could somebody please explain what CoreDescriptor is all about and how it
> is supposed to be used?
> Thanks,
> Nikhil

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