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From CameronL <>
Subject Dynamic Boosting
Date Thu, 31 Jul 2008 23:34:15 GMT

My problem is a little complex, so please bear with me.

I currently have a set of documents that need to be "tiered", and depending
on what tier they are in, a configurable boost should be applied,
essentially affecting the score and ordering of the search results.

My first idea was to create 10 different fields in my schema for these
 <field name="Tier1" type="boolean" index="true" stored="false"/>
 <field name="Tier2" type="boolean" index="true" stored="false"/>
 <field name="Tier10" type="boolean" index="true" stored="false"/>

Each document may be part of 0 or 1 tiers.  Then, when a search is
requested, I would use the dismax handler to add different boosts to the
tier fields: "Tier1^1.1 Tier2^1.2 Tier3^1.3..."

The desired effect is to give a little bit of boost to items that are in
Tier 10 over items that are in, say, Tier 5 or in no tier.  That is, for
items that also match the search term criteria (my default search field is

As you can see, the flaw in my little plan above is that there isn't really
a good way to factor in the Tier fields into the search.  I could probably
try to add additional criteria (" AND Tier1:true OR Tier2:true...") but it
still wouldn't work to include the documents that match the search term but
have no tier.

Is there another technique I should be using to achieve my desired effect? 
I'm a little stuck; your help would be much appreciated.  Hope I am making
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