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Subject Re: ERROR:unknown field, but what document was it?
Date Thu, 08 May 2008 20:59:15 GMT
Quoting Chris Hostetter <>:

> : The way I understand it, having multiple documents in a single xml file and
> : posting that to solr is faster then posting a single xml for each document
> : (even with a single commit after all separate xml files). It makes  
>  sence, and
> : some simple tests indicates that this is true. However, if one of the
> For the record: people say this every now and then, but I don't think
> anyone has ever posted any specific numbers comparing multiple docs in a
> single add, vs multiple seperate requests using "Keep-Alive" ... there
> shouldn't be any fundemental difference.

My tests showed that it was a big difference. It took about 1.2  
seconds to index 500 separate adds in separate xml files (with a  
single commit afterwards), compared to about 200 milliseconds when  
sending a single xml with 500 adds. And according to the documentation  
java automatically uses keep-alive (I found no way to force it myself).

> : schema.xml. When I tried to make solr index this xml I got the error:
> : ERROR:unknown field 'myNonExistantField'
> : And that is just great. But what document was it? I need to know   
> this, because
> : the next step is to log an error like "document with id 251" could not be
> : indexed, error: unknown field 'myNonExistantField'". Then I want   
> to continue
> i thought we added something like this ... but i guess not.
> feel free to file a feature request in Jira.

ah, but I guess it is only awailable in a nightly build? Do you know a  
jira issue number I can look at? I didn't find anything related to this.


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