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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Standard vs. DisMaxQueryHandler
Date Mon, 28 Apr 2008 18:49:42 GMT

: Either I use defType of DISMAX to get DisjunctionMaxQuery but then I can't
: use prefix queries and more complicated boolean queries, OR I use the
: standard defType which doesn't use DisjunctionMaxQuery.

I think I missunderstood your complaint ... it sounds like you don't care 
about (or want) the features of hte dismax parser (where the whole point 
is to provided a limited user friend syntax that's hard to break) ... you 
want clients to be able to send you query strings containing a rich syntax 
supporting complex boolean expressions, and prefix queries, AND 

The only reason the "StandardRequestHandler" doesn't support that is 
because the underlying lucene QueryParser doesn't have any support for 
DisjunctionMaxQueries ... adding it in would require picking a syntax and 
making some changes to the grammer -- but it could be done.

: I need this feature ASAP so tonight I plan on enhancing the standard handler
: to support disjunctionmax if the "qf" boost list is specified.  I plan on
: post-processing the parsed query to rewrite it so that references to a field
: (a bogus value of some sort) gets replaced with a sub-DisjunctionMaxQuery. 

that would also work, but if your "q" param is in the standard syntax 
(with a special marker term that you look for in post processing) you 
still need some other param to know what to build a dismax query out of 
with those qf fields.


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