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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Facet display fields
Date Sun, 27 Apr 2008 23:51:50 GMT
: I have an index with a field called 'category'.  The data is not clean, 
: so documents may have values such as 'ABC DEF', 'abc-def', 'ABC-def' 
: etc.  Now, I want to facet by this field and want all such values to be 
: clubbed together.

: I created a field called 'category_facet' where I strip everything 
: except alphabets and then lower case the whole thing.  That works fine 
: for getting the facets and counts, but the facet names returned ('abc 
: def' in this case) cannot be displayed directly.  I need to get the 
: stored value of the field (any one will do).  The only way I can think 

The Simple Faceting code provided with Solr is just that -- simple.  If 
you want different labels for each of the filter values you have to get 
creative ... in my request handlers i use numeric codes for all my filter 
values, and pull the labels from seperate data stores (i actual use 
instance of the SolrCache to access this data, so i can automaticly update 
the labels anytime i push out a new snapshot).

: of is to fire another query with "category_facet=abc def" and 
: "numRows=1" to get a single result and then get the stored value of the 
: category field.

that approach will work ... if i were in your shoes though, and i was 
munging all of the indexed terms to be consistent and uniform, i would 
just munge them to be consistent and uniform *and* pretty too (there's a 
CapitalizationFilterFactory specificly for this purpose) 


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