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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Tomcat JNDI and CWD Configuration problem with multiple solrs
Date Fri, 18 Apr 2008 22:05:44 GMT

: The apps seem to work fine, only for some reason, when I start tomcat it
: creates a solr dir in the cwd. So naturally, depending on where i do the

Solr does not ever attempt to create a directory named "solr" (the only 
directories Solr tries to create if they don't already exist are inside 
of hte data dir)

: restart, it wont work. If i cd to some dir where I have write access, the
: apps goes up fine, and it even says the solr/home is where it should be.

so what get's put in this solr dir that is created for you?  my guess is 
it's the expanded war file -- there is probably a tomcat setting for where 
these should go, and your tomcat configs have it as "."

: (The dir i defined in the xml file, NOT cwd). But under statistics, both
: separate solr apps seems to use an IndexReader under CWD. Ideally I would

can you be more explicit about what exactly you are seeing (ie: cut+paste 
the log messages from Solr startup about solr home nad JNDI, cut+paste 
exactly what you see on the statistics page, etc..., cut+paste the shell 
commands you are running -- starting with a call to pwd so we know what 
the current directory is, cut+paste the directory listings of each 
directory you ae refering to.)

: my own install of tomcat 6. (Although I dont understand why the example has
: "f:/" stuff in the directory paths, since that notation throws errors at me.

That's just an example of a windows path.


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