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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Phrase matching question
Date Sat, 12 Apr 2008 00:01:01 GMT

I'm not sure if i understand your question ...  "unicode 
normalization" seems to be coming up in both your message and your 
example; plus your example suggests stop words are being removed, even 
though none of te words are removed from your original "field contains" 

I *think* what you are asking is "if i remove stop words during analysis, 
will the words on either side of a stop word match as a phrase?"
original text:   The Quick Brown Fox Jumped A Dog
after analysis:      quick brown fox jumped dog

Aill that match a phrase query for "jumped dog" ?

At the moment, the answer is "yes" because stop word removal doesn't 
reserve a position gap.  

there is an open issue to add an option so you can turn position gaps on 
when stop words are removed.  when that gets commited the answer will be 
"maybe" depending on wether you allow any slop on your phrase query.

: While I am dealing with the headache unicode normalization(it drives people
: into crazy;) ),I would like to ask, how Solr dealing with the phrase
: matching? If I set all the symbol as a stop word, would I put myself into a
: risk that I get a error matching?
: e.g. A field contains:
: This is a Unicode, normalization drive peopel into crazy. 5.0 is too far
: away. 
: => (stopword removal) This is a Unicode   normalization drive peopel into
: crazy   5.0 is too far away.
: Then phrase "crazy 5.0" or "Unicode normalization" we have a match for this
: field?
: Thank you,
: Vinci
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