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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Date range performance
Date Fri, 04 Apr 2008 21:02:48 GMT

: Looking into the code it seems like a Lucene problem, more than Solr. It is
: in the RangeQuery and RangeFilter classes. The problem with changing this to
: have a sorted index and than binary search is that you have to sort it,
: which is slow. Unless we can store the ordered index somewhere and reuse it,
: it will be even slower than now. And if we store it, we will have to face
: the problem with updating ordered index with new terms.

FWIW: Lucene Term enumeration is already indexed, it's just not a binary 
search tree (the details escape me at the moment, but there there is an 
interval value of N somewhere in the code, and every Nth Term is loaded 
into memory so a can skip ahead N terms at a time).

But the number of unique terms can be a bottle neck ... rounding to the 
level of precision you absolutely need can save you in these cases by 
reducing the number of unique terms.


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