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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: numDocs and maxDoc
Date Wed, 02 Apr 2008 19:08:30 GMT

: I am trying to update the index by 2 stage posting: part of the index will
: be posted in stage 1 by 1.xml, then after a meanwhiles the left of the index
: of the entry will be posted by 2.xml. Assume both 1.xml and 2.xml have 3
: document and id is used as unique field, what I see in the admin panel make

my gut tells me that what you mean by this is that you want to index 
fields A and B for documents 1, 2, and 3; and then later you want to 
provide valudes for additional fields C and D for the same documents (1,2 
and 3)

"updating" documents is not currently supported in Solr.  there has 
been lots of dicsussion about it in the past, and some patches exist in 
Jira that approach the problem, but it's a lot harder then it seems like 
it should be because of hte way Lucene works - esentially Solr under the 
covers does the exact same thing you currently have do do: keep a record 
of all the fields for all the documents, and reindex the *whole* document 
once you have them.

: me feels confusing:
: numDocs : 3
: maxDoc : 6 

numDocs is hte number of unique "live" Documents in the index.  it's how 
many docs you would get back fro ma query for *:*.  maxDoc is the maximum 
internal document id currently in use.  the difference between those 
numbers gives you an idea of how many "deleted" (orreplaced) documents are 
currently still in the index ... they gradually get cleaned up as segments 
get merged or when the index gets optimized.


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