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From Daniel Papasian <>
Subject Re: how to suppress result
Date Mon, 07 Apr 2008 17:40:56 GMT
Evgeniy Strokin wrote:
> I'm sorry, I didn't explain my case clearly. My Index base should
> stay the same. User run query, and each time he runs query he wants
> to suppress his own IDs. The example will be a merchant, who sell
> books. He sell only fantasy books and he wants to see all fantasy
> books in stock of wholesaler except books he already has in his own
> stack. So he provides a list of books he already has and want them to
> be excluded from his search result. So suppression is per query
> actually (it would be better to say per user's session, but since
> Solr has no sessions I'd say per query). Obviously other book shop
> has his own book list and his own query and he wants to search and
> suppress from the same index base of wholesaler.

What I would do is index book-merchant pairs, instead of books and 
merchants separately.  Each document would have the merchant's ID in 
there, so you can just add a fq statement to exclude the current merchant.

It's a far ways from normalized data, but this is an index, not an 
RDBMS.  Denormalize the data into documents, and index that.


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