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From "David Smiley" <>
Subject Re: Standard vs. DisMaxQueryHandler
Date Mon, 28 Apr 2008 19:13:40 GMT

Now you've got it Hossman.

I don't plan on mucking with the parser syntax.  I look at this feature as a
smarter default field.  Instead of it being one field, it is an array of
them constructed via Dismax with various boosts.

~ David

hossman wrote:
> : Either I use defType of DISMAX to get DisjunctionMaxQuery but then I
> can't
> : use prefix queries and more complicated boolean queries, OR I use the
> : standard defType which doesn't use DisjunctionMaxQuery.
> I think I missunderstood your complaint ... it sounds like you don't care 
> about (or want) the features of hte dismax parser (where the whole point 
> is to provided a limited user friend syntax that's hard to break) ... you 
> want clients to be able to send you query strings containing a rich syntax 
> supporting complex boolean expressions, and prefix queries, AND 
> DisjunctionMaxQueries.
> The only reason the "StandardRequestHandler" doesn't support that is 
> because the underlying lucene QueryParser doesn't have any support for 
> DisjunctionMaxQueries ... adding it in would require picking a syntax and 
> making some changes to the grammer -- but it could be done.
> : I need this feature ASAP so tonight I plan on enhancing the standard
> handler
> : to support disjunctionmax if the "qf" boost list is specified.  I plan
> on
> : post-processing the parsed query to rewrite it so that references to a
> field
> : (a bogus value of some sort) gets replaced with a
> sub-DisjunctionMaxQuery. 
> that would also work, but if your "q" param is in the standard syntax 
> (with a special marker term that you look for in post processing) you 
> still need some other param to know what to build a dismax query out of 
> with those qf fields.
> -Hoss

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