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From "David Smiley" <>
Subject Re: Standard vs. DisMaxQueryHandler
Date Sat, 26 Apr 2008 05:33:12 GMT

I am frustrated that I have to pick between the two because I want both.  The
way I look at it, there should be a more configurable query handler which
allows me to dimax if I want to, and pick a parser for the user's query
(like the flexible one used by the standard query handler, or the more
restrictive one found in DisMax Q.H. today).  At the moment, I'm faced with
telling a user of my search service (another developer of a corporate app
using my corporate search service) that he has to compose a dis-max manually
(i.e. use the standard query handler to get the job done) simply because he
wants to do a prefix query (which isn't supported by DisMax Q.H.).  This is
for an auto-complete type thing, by the way.  You might argue it's not hard
-- that's true though it is annoying.  But the bigger issue is that I can't
encapsulate these internal details into my search service -- where it
belongs IMO.

~ David Smiley

hossman_lucene wrote:
> : Is the main difference between the StandardQueryHandler and
> : DisMaxQueryHandler the supported query syntax (and different query
> : parser used in each of them), and the fact that the latter creates
> : DisjunctionMaxQueries, while the former just creates vanilla
> : BooleanQueries?  Are there any other differences?
> the main differnece is the query string yes: Standard expects to get
> "lucene QueryParser" formatted queries, while DisMax expects to get raw
> user input strings ... Standard builds queries (wehter they be prefix or
> boolean or wildcard) using the QueryParser as is, while DisMax does a
> "cross product" of the user input across many differnet fields and builds
> up a very specific query structure -- which can then be augmented with
> aditional query clauses like the "bq" boost query and the "bf" boost
> function.
> there's no reason the StandardRequestHandler can't construct DisMaxQueries
> (once QueryParser has some syntax for them) and DisMaxRequestHandler does
> (at the outermost level) generate a BooleanQuery (with a custom
> "minShouldMatch" value set on it) but the main differnece is really the
> use case: if you want the clinet to specify the exact query structure that
> they want, use StandardRequstHandler.  if you want the client to just
> propogate the raw search string typed by the user, without any structure
> or escaping, and get the nice complex DisMax style query across the
> configured fields, the DisMax handler was written to fill that niche.
> (load up the example configs, and take a look at the query toString from
> this url to see what i mean about the complex structure...
> http://localhost:8983/solr/select/?qt=dismax&q=how+now+brown+cow&debugQuery=1
> -Hoss

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