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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: How to use Solr in java program
Date Sun, 30 Mar 2008 17:07:48 GMT

: > I recommend using Solr as a webservice, even if your client is Java.  but 
: > there are options for embedding Solr directly into your applications using 

: thank you hossman for your response,I have another question : I have writen
: a small java program using sockets to send an http query  to solr which is
: running under tomcat then I got a response in xml format is  
: that an example of using it as Web services since the the comminication is
: based on http/xml ; or using tools such Axis is mondatory to talk about web
: services (or Solr in it self by its behaviour is a web service).

semantics are either wonderful or horrible - depending on perspective. to 
some people, the term "webservice" has a *very* specific meaning, i 
however was just using it in the more relaxed sense of communicating over 
HTTP - so yes, you understood my meaning.

But really: opening your own raw Socket to do hte HTTP communication is 
one level lower then anyone should ever consider coding.  it's HTTP, 
there are lots of libraries that will take care of the nitty gritty 
details for you and make your life easier.

Like i said before: look at the wiki, try out SolrJ, it should make your 
life much easier.


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