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From Ken Krugler <>
Subject Re: Using embedded Solr with admin GUI
Date Mon, 18 Feb 2008 15:53:55 GMT
>If you are running a single webapp, you can just put the jsp files 
>in there.  I'm guessing that isn't what you mean though.

Well, ultimately we're heading towards a single webapp with multiple 
embedded Solr cores. In that case, could the .jsp-based GUI/admin 
functionality peacefully co-exist with our use of the embedded cores?

>There are a bunch of admin request handlers that do many of the 
>things from the /admin/ jsp files without the nice interface.  The 
>one major missing component was analysis.jsp, but grant just added:

Is there a description of the roadmap for the Solr GUI? For example, 
I'm assuming the .jsp files will still exist going forward, but will 
become much more of just a GUI layer on top of the new/beefed up 
admin request handlers - yes?

Or is the plan to eventually get to just Javascript on HTML using 
JSON responses from these request handlers?


-- Ken

>Ken Krugler wrote:
>>Hi all,
>>We're moving towards embedding multiple Solr cores, versus using 
>>multiple Solr webapps, as a way of simplifying our build/deploy and 
>>also getting more control over the startup/update process.
>>But I'd hate to lose that handy GUI for inspecting the schema and 
>>(most importantly) trying out queries with explain turned on.
>>Has anybody tried this dual-mode method of operation? Thoughts on 
>>whether it's workable, and what the issues would be?
>>I've taken a quick look at the .jsp and supporting Java code, and 
>>have some ideas on what would be needed, but I'm hoping there's an 
>>easy(er) approach than just whacking at the admin support code.
>>-- Ken

Ken Krugler
Krugle, Inc.
+1 530-210-6378
"If you can't find it, you can't fix it"

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