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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Commit strategies
Date Tue, 12 Feb 2008 05:18:58 GMT

if you just want commits ot happen on a regular frequenty take a look at 
the autoCommit options.

sa for the specific errors you are getting, i don't know enouugh python to 
unerstand them, but it may just be that your commits are taking too long 
and your client is timing out on waiting for the commit to finish.

have you tried increasing the timeout?

: How do people generally approach the deferred commit issue? Do I need to queue
: index and search requests myself or does Solr handle it? My app indexes about
: 100 times more than it searches, but searching is more time critical. Does
: that change anything?

searches can go on happily while commits/adds are happening, and multiple 
adds can happen in parallel, ... but all adds block while a commit is 
taking place.  i just give all of clients that update the index a really 
large timeout value (ie: 60 seconds or so) and don't worry about queing up 
indexing requests.  the only intelegence you typically need to worry about 
is that there's very little reason to ever do a commit if you know you've 
got more adds ready to go.


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