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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Query with literal quote character: 6'2"
Date Thu, 07 Feb 2008 20:00:12 GMT

: How about the query parser respecting backslash escaping? I need

one of the orriginal design decisions was "no user escaping" ... be able 
to take in raw query strings from the user with only '+' '-' and '"' 
treated as special characters ... if you allow backslash escaping of those 
characters, then by definition '\' becomes a special character too.

: free-text input, no syntax at all. Right now, I'm escaping every
: Lucene special character in the front end. I just figured out that
: it breaks for colon, can't search for "12:01" with "12\:01".

yeah ... your '\' character is being taken litterally.  you shouldn't do 
any escaping if you hand off to dismax.

the right thing to do is probably to expose more the "query parsing" stuff 
as options for hte handler ... let people configure it with what 
characters should be escaped, and what should be left alone.  We should 
also stop using the static utility methods for things like partial 
escaping and unbalanced quote striping and start using helper methods 
that subclasses can override.


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