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From Grant Ingersoll <>
Subject Re: SolrJ and RawResponses
Date Fri, 08 Feb 2008 21:27:33 GMT
OK, I will look into it.  setProcessor is only defined for the  
CommonsHttpSolrServer and I am trying to use the abstract SolrServer,  
but I guess I can cast.  Also, the setProcessor isn't great in that it  
isn't thread-safe (i.e. if I am reusing said SolrServer for other  
tasks in other threads).  Would adding an request() method that takes  
in a ResponseParser make sense?


On Feb 8, 2008, at 4:14 PM, Ryan McKinley wrote:

> I think Erik was looking at this earlier...  I think there may be an  
> open JIRA issue for it, but don't recall which one off the top of my  
> head.
> I think you want an ResponseParser that just stuffs the text into  
> the named list.
> If you have any trouble, i can throw something together real quick.
> ryan
> Grant Ingersoll wrote:
>> I want to programmatically retrieve the schema and the config from  
>> the ShowFileRequestHandler.  I have tried doing it (mostly just to  
>> see how it would handle it w/o looking at the code) using SolrJ,  
>> but get in an exception in the XMLResponseParser in SolrJ.   
>> Ideally, I guess SolrJ would stuff the big old raw contents into  
>> the named list.  Another option, would be to add a method to return  
>> the raw results.
>> Any thoughts?  Am I doing this the wrong way?  Using SolrJ is the  
>> most convenient way, but I suppose I could hack up my own one off  
>> for HTTPClient.
>> Thanks,
>> Grant

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