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From Ryan McKinley <>
Subject Re: range vs. filter queries
Date Tue, 12 Feb 2008 02:13:23 GMT
>> Would this be better as four individual filters?
> Only if there were likely to occur again in combination with different
> constraints.
> My guess would be no.

this is because the filter could not be cached?

Since i know it should not cached, is there any way to make sure it does 
not purge useful stuff from the cache?

> Perhaps you want 2 fields (lat and long) instead of 4?

2 is fine if I was dealing with points, but this is a region, so i need 
to deal with a whole region (N,S,E,and W).

> One issue here is range queries that include many terms are currently slow.
> That's something we need to address sometime (there has been some work
> on this in Lucene, but nothing yet committed AFAIK).

do range queries operate on the whole index, or can they be limited 
first?  That is, if i can throw out half the docs with a simple 
TermQuery, does the range still have to go through everything?


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