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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: spellcheckhandler
Date Sat, 26 Jan 2008 00:41:03 GMT
: I did try with the latest nightly build and followed the steps outlined in
: with regards to creating new catchall field 'spell' of type 'spell' and
: copied my text fields to 'spell' at index time.
: Still q=grapics returns 'graphics'
: but q=grapics card returns nothing.
: But the same queries return the correct spelling with string fieldtypes.
: Any fix available? 

I don't think Otis was suggesting any specific fix was available in the 
nightly builds, i believe he was just addressing specificly that if there 
was a bug someone commited a fix for you didnt' need to wait for 1.3 -- 
you can test it now using the nightly builds.

That said: I don't see any currently open or recent resolved bugs 
related to spellchecking and multiple words ... i believe (but i'm not 
100% positive) that "multi word" spell correction will work, as long as 
your dictionary contaisn those "multiple words" as individual "terms"

ie: if you want "graphics card" to be a suggestion for "grapics card" then 
you need to use a termSourceField in which "graphics card" is a single 
term (either because it is untokenized, or maybe because you use a 
word-based ngram tokenfilter, etc...)

alternately, if you want to get "graphics asdfghjk" as a suggestion for
"grapics asdfghjk" (even though "asdfghjk" isn't in your index at all), 
hiting the spellcorrection handler for each input word individually is 
probably your best bet.

: > You don't need to wait for 1.3 to be released - you can simply use a
: > recent nightly build.


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