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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: JNDI and multiple installations in SOLR/Tomcat
Date Tue, 08 Jan 2008 22:27:59 GMT

Marc: sorry that no one seems to have replied to your meail untill now 
(holidays and all that).

: I try to run three SOLR webapps. Tomcat starts up and the three SOLR instances
: work perfectly well. However, in the logfiles I found a
: ... "INFO: no /solr/home in JNDI" (followed by a "SEVERE: Error filterStart")

...the "INFO: no /solr/home in JNDI" is not an error ... it's just an 
informative message that it it did not find a JNDI setting to specify the 
where the Solr Home is ... this is not an error -- allthough it is a 
little weir since you said you are running 3 solr webapps on one port.
Typically you need to use JNDI so that each webapp knows where to find 
it's configs and data ... i'm not sure if you modified anything to make 
that work differnetly.

the "SEVERE" message you mentioned is odd ... it's not an error message 
that exists in Solr (the string "filterStart" doesn't appear anywhere in 
the Solr repository) .. are you sure this isn't an error message coming 
from Tomcat?  can you post more details bout this error message? .. 
uusally SEVERE errors are logged with a stack trace.

: I did not modify any JNDI settings for tomcat (btw: where do I find the Tomcat
: JVM settings?)...

I'm not sure what you mean by "Tomcat JVM settings" but there is a wiki 
page dedicated to recommended tomcat configuration options when running 
Solr (which also explains how to set the JNDI options for multiple 


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