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From Jörg Kiegeland <>
Subject Re: Backup of a Solr index
Date Fri, 04 Jan 2008 13:44:54 GMT

> If you want to copy the hard files from the data/index directory, yes, you'll probably
want to shut down the server first. You may be able to get away with leaving the server up
but stopping any index/commit operations, but I could be wrong.
How do I stop remote clients to do index/commit operations?

Then, I think, the only solution is to retrieve all documents from the 
Solr server via an all-matching query  and store the search result into 
some files on hard disk. This should not get in conflict with other 
clients since it is a normal "user operation", right?
If this operation would take several minutes: can other clients still 
perform queries  on the server or even do updates (which should be 
delayed for consistency)? Or do they get some kind of error messages (a 
"No server response" would be bad..)?

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