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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: LSA Implementation
Date Mon, 26 Nov 2007 19:43:33 GMT
: A more interesting solr related question is where a very heavy process like
: SVD would operate. You'd want to run the 'training' half of it separate from a
: indexing or querying. It'd almost be like an optimize. Is there any hook right
: now to give Solr a "command" like <updateModels/> and map it to the class in
: the solrconfig? The classify half of the SVD can happen at query or index
: time, very quickly, I imagine that could even be a custom field type.

The EventListener plugin type let's you register arbitrary java code to be 
run after a commit or an optimize (before a new searcher is opened) ... 
this is the same hook mechanism that is used to trigger snapshots on 
masters and do explicit warming on slaves.

there was talk about creating a request handler that could be used to 
trigger aritrary "events" and xecute all of hte EventListeners (so you 
could create a new "updateModels" even type, independent of commit and 
optimize) but no one has ever submitted a patch...


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