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From Jörg Kiegeland <>
Subject Re: Using Embedded and HTTP Post alternatively
Date Tue, 06 Nov 2007 18:52:09 GMT

> If you need to allow HTTP access to solr, then just use standard solr 
> with your embedded stuff in a custom request handler (or something). 
> Any other path, you will be re-inventing many wheels.
> If at all possible, I reccomend checking out:
> this is nice because you can write the same code and use it in an 
> embedded context or with an HTTP server depending on the needs (or if 
> the needs change)
As I see, the SolrServer interface (and Solrj in general) only is shiped 
with version 1.3.

Is there any date when Solr 1.3 is published?

How reliable are the nightly builds? Can it be used in production?

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