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From Maximilian Hütter>
Subject Re: Searching combined English-Japanese index
Date Mon, 01 Oct 2007 15:46:32 GMT
Yonik Seeley schrieb:
> On 10/1/07, Maximilian Hütter <> wrote:
>> When I search using an English term, I get results but the Japanese is
>> not encoded correctly in the response. (although it is UTF-8 encoded)
> One quick thing to try is the python writer (wt=python) to see the
> actual unicode values of what you are getting back (since the python
> writer automatically escapes non-ascii).  That can help rule out
> incorrect charset handling by clients.
> -Yonik
Thanks for the tip, it turns out that the unicode values are wrong... I
mean the browser displays correctly what is send. But I don't know how
solr gets these values.

For example python output is:

'key':'honshu_server_ovo:application_List VPO NT Templates_integrated',
	 'name':'List VPO NT Templates',
	 'ovo:application_name':'List VPO NT Templates'},

But in Limo the doc looks like this:

key  	 	honshu_server_ovo:application_List VPO NT Templates_integrated
backend 	honshu_server
service 	ovoconfig
objectclass 	ovo:application
objecttype 	integrated
name 	 	List VPO NT Templates
label 	 	VPO テンプレート
ovo:application_name 	List VPO NT Templates

I hope you can view the japanese katakana in the label field.

But somehow this is changed to completely different unicode characters
in the search result.


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