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From "Stu Hood" <>
Subject Solr + Tomcat Undeploy Leaks
Date Wed, 17 Oct 2007 20:46:56 GMT

I'm using the Tomcat Manager app with 6.0.14 to start and stop Solr instances, and I believe
I am running into a variant of the linked issue:

According to `top`, the 'size' of the Tomcat process reaches the limit I have set for it with
the Java -Xmx flag soon after starting and launching a few instances. The 'RSS' varies based
on how full the caches are at any particular time, but I don't think it ever reaches the 'size'.

After a few days, I will get OOM errors in the logs when I try and start new instances (note:
this is typically in the middle of the night, when usage is low), and all of the instances
will stop responding until I (hard) restart Tomcat.


Has anyone run into this issue before? Is logging the culprit? If so, what options do I have
(besides setting up a cron job to restart Tomcat nightly...)


Stu Hood
"You manage your business. We'll manage your email."®

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