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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Color search
Date Fri, 28 Sep 2007 19:57:42 GMT

: useful to search products by color. A product image can have up to 5 colors
: (from a color space of about 100 colors), so we can implement it easily with
: Solr's facet search (thanks all who've developed Solr).
: The problem arises when we try to sort the results by the color relevancy.
: What's different from a normal facet search is that colors are weighted. For
: example, a black dress can have 70% of black, 20% of gray, 10% of brown. A

if 5 is a hard max on the number of colors that you support, then you can 
always use 5 seperate fields to store the colors in order of "dominance" 
and then query on those 5 fields with varying boosts...

 color_1:black^10 color_2:black^7 color_3:black^4 color_4:black color_5:black^0.1

...something like this will loose the % granularity info that you have (so 
a 60% black skirt and an 80% black dress would both score the same against 
black since it's hte dominant color)

alternately: i'm assuming your percentage data only has so much confidence
-- maybe on the order of 10%?.  you can have a seperate field for each 
"bucket" of color percentages and index the name of hte color in the 
corrisponding bucket.  with 10% granularity that's only 10 fields -- a 10 
clause boolean query for the color is no big deal ... even going to 5% 
would be trivial.

Incidently: people interested in teh general topic of color faceting at 
a finer granularity then just color names may want to check out this 
thread from last...


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