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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Packaging solr for Debian: using debian-supplied lucene-*.jar
Date Sun, 03 Jun 2007 22:48:23 GMT
: 2) i'm vaguely familiar with debian policy on "no redundency" but i'm not
: sure it relaly applies here ... the published releases of Solr only
: include one jar: the solr.jar (which contains solr source code for use in

whoops ... my bad, i forgot we do actually include all of the other jars
in the "lib" directory of the release ball for users compiling plugins,
but they aren't used by a running instance of solr.war (it has copies of
them embedded in it) and can easily be excluded from a downstream package.

all of my other comments are still very applicable however..

: compiling plugins).  other jars are bundled into the solr.war which should
: be considered a single "binary" entity ... much like a C app might link in
: a bunch of independently compiled object files.  attempting to
: "extract" those jars from the solr.war and reuse other jars installed by
: other packages is like trying to unlink that C program and make it use
: shared object files instead --- it's a pretty big leap.
: 3) Some of the jars Solr inlcudes in it's war are not the officially
: released version of third party software.  We frequently use development
: versions (varefully noting which version in our README) when we feel they
: are stable enough and provide important features.  For this reason, you
: may find it hard to achieve your goal in a forward maintainable manner no
: matter what.


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