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From Frédéric Glorieux <>
Subject Re: highlight and wildcards ?
Date Thu, 07 Jun 2007 17:36:37 GMT
Xuesong (?),

Thanks a lot for your answer, sorry to have not scan the archives 
before. This a really good and understandable reason, but sad for my 
project. Prefix queries will be the main activities of my users (they 
need to search latin texts, so that domin* is enough to match "dominus" 
or "domino"). So, I need some more investigations.

Xuesong Luo a écrit :

> Frédéric,
> I asked a similar question several days before, it seems we don't have a perfect solution
when using prefix wildcard with highlight. Here is what Chris said: 
> in Solr 1.1, highlighting used the info from the raw query to do highlighting, hence
in your query for consult* it would highlight the Consult part of Consultant even though the
prefix query was matchign the whole word.  In the trunk (soon to be Solr 1.2) Mike fixed that
so the query is "rewritten" to it's expanded form before highlighting is done ...
> this works great for true wild card queries (ie: cons*t* or cons?lt*) but for prefix
queries Solr has an optimization ofr Prefix queries (ie:
> consult*) to reduce the likely hood of Solr crashing if the prefix matches a lot of terms
... unfortunately this breaks highlighting of prefix queries, and no one has implemented a
solution yet...

Frédéric Glorieux
École nationale des chartes
direction des nouvelles technologies et de l'informatique

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