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From Erik Hatcher <>
Subject Re: Re[2]: How to do a fuzzy query
Date Mon, 25 Jun 2007 19:56:05 GMT

On Jun 25, 2007, at 3:43 PM, Jack L wrote:
> MoreLikeThis is interesting. So in order to use it through the
> MoreLikeThisHandler, I should use the unique field in
> the "q" param to uniquely identify the "this" document? Or, does
> it also support a more common query and works as "More Like These"
> just like using this feature through the StandardRequestHandler?

Jack - I think all of your questions are answered on the wiki page  
with the examples.  The "q" parameter is a full Solr query parser  
expression, so you can pick one or more documents with it.


> -- 
> Best regards,
> Jack
> Sunday, June 24, 2007, 3:04:26 AM, you wrote:
>> On Jun 23, 2007, at 11:24 PM, Jack L wrote:
>>> I have some documents, each has a number of tags. I'd like to
>>> have a query to return "similar" documents which share largest
>>> number of tags with a given document. For example, if I have
>>> doc that has 4 tags, and I'd like to return docs that also
>>> have these 4 tags. And if this doesn't make up a number of records,
>>> say, 10 records, I'd like to have some more docs that share 3
>>> of the tags. And if this is still not enough, those sharing 2
>>> tags... I wonder if there is a way to construct a solr query
>>> to do this?
>> The MoreLikeThis handler may get you close enough to what you're  
>> after:
>> 	<>
>> It's in the trunk codebase, so try out a recent nightly build.
>> 	Erik

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