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From "Will Johnson" <wjohn...@GETCONNECTED.COM>
Subject RE: field display values
Date Fri, 25 May 2007 20:48:22 GMT
I would normally agree but the problem is that I'm making very heavy use
of the dynamic fields and therefore don't really know what a record
looks like.  Ie the only thing that knows about the data is the input
data itself.  I've added logic to 'solrify' the input field names as
they come to me in the "Download Speed" format but making the reverse
happen is impossible from the client side because each record is

- will

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From: Ryan McKinley [] 
Sent: Friday, May 25, 2007 4:32 PM
Subject: Re: field display values

Will Johnson wrote:
> Has anyone done anything interesting to preserve display values for
> field names.  Ie my users would like to see
> Download Speed (MB/sec): 5
> As opposed to:
> ds:5

The general model has been to think of solr like SQL... it is only the 
database - display choices should be at the client side.  It seems easy 
enough to have a map on the client with:
   "ds" => "Download Speed (MB/sec)"

That said, something like the sql 'as' command would be useful:
   SELECT ds as `Download Speed (MB/sec)` FROM table...;

rather then define the field name at index time (as your example 
suggests) it makes more sense to define it at query time (or as a 
default in the RequestHandler config)  Maybe something like:

/select?fl=ds&display.ds=Download Speed (MB/sec)

Maybe this would be a way to specify date formatting?


just thoughts...

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