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From "Cody Caughlan" <>
Subject Deploying Solr with Jetty
Date Fri, 13 Apr 2007 18:05:22 GMT
First off, I am aware that the bulk of this question has to do with
Jetty, but please have kindness...

My end goal is to have a handful of Solr instances running under Jetty
all accessible at


I have taken the .war file in the Solr dist/ directory, unpacked it
and added in a solr/ dir with the bin/, conf/ sub-dirs, etc. I then
zipped this back up, with a .war extension.

I placed this .war in my jetty webapps/

However when I start Jetty it unpacks the war and then tries to start
the app but it bitches about not finding solrconfig.xml and ends up
not starting that app.

So my question is, where I do place the solr/ directory so it will be
found by the app? If I place it in my root jetty dir, that config will
apply to all my Solr instances which is not what I want because they
all need to have different indexes, etc.

The "Multiple Solr instances for Jetty" on the Solr wiki uses outdated
syntax. But it is a step in the right direction because it specifies a
JNDI entry for solr/home for each web-app.

I guess I am just having basic Jetty config issues.

Like I said, I know this question has more to do with Jetty than Solr,
but could someone point me in the right direction (besides saying
"join the Jetty list")?


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