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From Jack L <>
Subject Things are not quite stable...
Date Wed, 25 Apr 2007 08:08:10 GMT

I'm running the default solr package with my data, about 10 million
small documents.  I'm not sure if it's jetty or solr, but often
times solr stops functioning properly after running for a few days.
The symptom is search returning nothing, or when I go to /solr/admin/,
I get file browsing page showing a list of files (.css, etc),
not the admin interface page. Typically restarting solr solves this
kind of problems. Is solr unstable? Or is it jetty?

Or it's something that I'm doing wrong? What is everyone else's

The jetty in the download seems to be Jetty/5.1.11RC0. The latest
Jetty version is 6.1 from their site. I don't know much about jetty
but I'm always hoping that the new versions are better than old
versions. Is there any plan to upgrade the embedded Jetty?
Will there be any benefit to upgrade, in terms of stability?

Best regards,

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