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From Phillip Rhodes <>
Subject solr vs custom JMS for replication?
Date Thu, 08 Mar 2007 16:47:28 GMT
Hi everyone,
I have a open source app under development called "authsum" which is a sso/identity/authorization
server that supports user registration, openid,sso.  It's a "search engine for authorizations"
because the authorizations are stored in a lucene index accessible via xfire.  There will
be a dotnet and ruby client.

I am using JMS to keep my lucene indexes in sync.

My applications (admin application,registration,login applications) publish messages (i.e.
userid, group addition, etc) onto a JMS topic.
There are other running applications that subscribes to the topic and processes the index

I am trying to "cut down" on the engineering and was wondering if solr would be a better fit
for my needs.  

As I see it, my custom JMS solution means that there are potentially many IndexWriters out
there (and more processing) since the same processing work needs to be performed on all indexes.
 This could also be a problem since there is more of a possibility that indexes could get
out of sync with one another.  For these reasons, I am thinking that solr would be better
for me than JMS.

The drawbacks:
1) I would need to write my application to post xml documents to lucene vs. my lucene programming
that I do now.
2) Do I have direct access to the lucene index to do queries?  Or do I need to rewrite my
app for that also?

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