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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Using HTTP-Post for Queries
Date Sun, 21 Jan 2007 19:14:00 GMT

: >  4) now it's easy to subclass StandardRequestHandler as
: > XmlQuerySyntaxRequestHandler or SurroundSyntaxRequestHandler
: > just by overriding getQUeryParser.
: Blech.  All the other ideas are good, and rather orthogonal to
: declaring the syntax in the query itself.

yeah ... i didn't say i was particularlay fond of this idea in light of
this discussion ... just that it was what i had been thinking before, and
would punt on these issues.

: Think about it... if we only had *one* base query and no others,
: wouldn't it make sense to just add a single parameter called q.syntax?
:  That's the way I would go.  Except we have many queries all over the
: place.

maybe .. except that was you said: every different query parser you can
imagine might have a bunch of complex options you would need to set on it
-- forget all the bq, and fq params the the DisMaxHandler supports, assume
it was only going to deal with a single "q" -- even if
StandardRequestHandler had supported an easy way of replacing the
QueryParser with a parm back when i wrote dimax, it still would have made
sense to write a new request handler in order to pass in the qf, pf,
ps, mm, and tie options the DisMaxQueryParser needs just to make sense of
the "q" param


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