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From Walter Underwood <>
Subject Re: Performance tuning
Date Thu, 11 Jan 2007 22:53:41 GMT
On 1/11/07 2:33 PM, "Yonik Seeley" <> wrote:

> On 1/11/07, Stephanie Belton <> wrote:
>> The reason I am keeping a close eye on resource usage is that our traffic is
>> increasing by around 20% every month (currently over 400,000 page
>> impressions/day although not all of them are search queries!) and I want to
>> make sure we tackle any performance issues before it gets too late. I would
>> rather keep load balancing as a last resort due to cost implications.
> Going slightly OT, but if this is business critical, load-balancing
> also provides high availability, which can pay for itself in the event
> that a server crashes.

Right. For us, load balancing is not a last resort but a fact of life.
The smallest number of parallel servers is three, so that we have
two running when one is down for scheduled maintenance or software

Back to performance, check your cache hit ratios in the admin UI, then
adjust the cache sizes. When your caches are the right size, Solr will
be mostly CPU-bound, but quite fast. If Solr is not CPU-bound under a
maximum load (in testing) it means it is using the disk too much.

Walter Underwood
Search Guru, Netflix

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