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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Cache stats
Date Thu, 30 Nov 2006 06:39:57 GMT

: In the admin interface, if you click statistics, there's a cache section.


: > Also, on a related note, I was looking for solr info via mbeans. I
: > fired up jconsole, and I can see all sort of tomcat mbeans, but
: > nothing for solr. Is there something extra I have to do to turn this
: > on? I see things implementing SolrInfoMBean, so I'm assuming there is
: > something there.

I honestly don't know *anything* about how JMX and MBeans work ... i
believe the orriginal intent behind the SolrMBean Interface was that we
needed a standardized interface for reporting information about various
objects, and we might want to use JMX eventually, so we might as well call
them MBeans ... but i don't think anything in particular was done to
"expose" them to JMX Clients.

I also seem to recall someone mentioning at some point that true MBeans
must be simple POJOs using only primitive Objects, so SolrMBeans can't
work because they refer to NamedLists .. but again, this is all hearsay.


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