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From "Yonik Seeley" <>
Subject Re: Index term list - using facets ?
Date Fri, 15 Sep 2006 14:24:15 GMT
On 9/15/06, Paul Terray <> wrote:
> I think I am close to have a list of index terms, using facet searching.
> However, I still have a question: I would like to limit the terms to a
> query. My goal is to do a simple google suggest type of search (with just
> one term), so I have to limit the terms to the first letters typed. Of
> course, I can filter the facet results to get this, but it seems there
> should be a better solution.

So instead of documents matching field:foo* you want the actual terms
matching field:foo*
I think exposing lower level info from an index like this can make
sense, but it's not currently supported.

It might be nice to have a syntax to support it rather than
continually adding more query args though.

Some info that might make sense to "export":
- terms matching prefix, wildcard, fuzzy, range, etc
- docfreq of terms & number of docs in index


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