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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Got it working! And some questions
Date Wed, 13 Sep 2006 17:43:34 GMT

: SolrQueryParser now knows nothing about the default operator, it is
: set from QueryParsing.parseQuery() when passed a SolrParams.

i didn't test it, but it looks clean to me.

the only other thing i would do is beaf up the javadocs for
SolrQueryParser (to clarify that IndexSchema is only used for determining
field format) and QueryParsing.parseQuery (to clarify that it *does* use
IndexSearcher to get extra parsing options).

: QueryParsing.parseQuery() methods could be simplified, perhaps even
: It could even get the "q" parameter from there, but there is code
: that passes expressions that don't come from "q".  Maybe we could

...yeha, it's utility for simple queries regardless of the "primary"
language of a request handler is key.

: have two parseQuery() methods:  parseQuery(String expression,
: SolrQueryRequest req) and parseQuery(SolrQueryRequest req), and for
: the latter the "q" parameter is pulled from the request and used as
: the expression.

That sounds good to me ... but it doesn't seem critical ... clean house as
much as you want, but i don't think anybody else will mind a bit of dust
on the window sills.


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