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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Got it working! And some questions
Date Mon, 11 Sep 2006 03:52:15 GMT

: First of all, it seems the mailing list is having some troubles? Some of
: my posts end up in the wrong thread (even new threads I post), I don't
: receive them in my mail, and they're present only in the 'date archive'
: of, and not in the 'thread' one? I don't
: receive some of the other peoples post in my mail too, problems started
: last week I think.

i haven't noticed any problems with mail not making it through - some mail
clients (gmail for example) seem to supress messages they can tell you
sent, maybe that'swhat's happening on your end?  As for
threads you start not showing up on the "thread" list ... according to
my mailbox, all but one message i've recieved from you included a
"References:" header (if not a In-Reply-To header) which causes some mail
archivers to assume it's part of an existing thread (this thread for
instance is considered part of the "Double Solr Installation on Single
Tomcat (or Double Index)" thread) ... you may wnat to experiement with
your mail client (off list) to see if you can figure out when/why this

: Secondly, Chris, thanks for all the useful answers, everything is much
: clearer now. This info should be added to the wiki I think; should I do

feel free ... that's why it's a wiki.

: it? I'm still a little disappointed that I can't change the OR/AND
: parsing by just changing some parameter (like I can do for the number of
: results returned, for example); adding a OR between each word in the
: text i want to compare sounds suboptimal, but i'll probably do it that
: way; its a very minor nitpick, solr is awesome, as I said before.

it would be a fairly simple option to add just like changing the
default field (patches welcome!) but as i said -- typcially if you don't
want the default behavior you are programaticaly generating the query
anyway, and already adding some markup, a little more doesn't make it less


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