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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: acts_as_solr
Date Tue, 29 Aug 2006 20:41:38 GMT

: > > perhaps a top level "clients" directory with this going in clients/
: > > ruby ?

: > Pardon me for chiming in, but this is a very good idea.  I would also
: > suggest that Java clients should also go in here.

: Might this fit better under a contrib/ umbrella?  This would more
: closely model lucene's layout.

Maybe ... "contrib" in the "Java Lucene" project sense however is all java
code, i would imagine that if someone wrote a perl utility to deal with
index files it would not make sense to but in the Lucene "contrib"
directory for that reason ... thre may be Java code submitted down the
road that we think is useful enough to make available in releases, but
niche enough that we on't want to put it in the main solr.war, which might
be more along the lines of the "contrib" notion -- hence my suggestion of
"clients" ...

...but i'm just thinking outloud at this point, i don't have a strong
opinion either way.


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