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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: dismax and field indicators
Date Thu, 17 Aug 2006 07:58:02 GMT
: I think there is value in this type of feature...
: A search-box is a very common thing, and providing a way for the
: front-end to easily query solr without worrying about the format of
: the query (escaping special chars, making sure it's well formed, etc)
: is something that it seems like the standard request handler could
: also benefit from.
: Maybe a "uq" parameter?  (for user query, or unstructured query)

maybe .. but I *think* this can already be achieved using the dismax
handler with a qf containing only the defaultSearchField, and no fq, bq,
bf, or pf params.  (I'm not 100 percent certain that it's functionally
equivilent to what you are describing -- but i'm pretty sure)

Heck, since the dismax handler is pretty much useless without *something*
in the qf (either in the config or in the url)  we could cahnge the
default behavior of dismax to use the defaultSearchField when the qf is

If we really want to cahnge the StandardRequestHandler to support this,
then instead of adding a new param, it might make more sense to make the
"Query Parser" more configurable via init/query params and reflection (or
something) ... then the "q" param can either be Lucene syntax (by default)
or "user syntax" (using something like the current DisMaxQueryMarser), or
even surround -- all depending on what your config looks like.


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